Law on climate change in Poland


The Polish Ministry of the Economy has revealed the specific values for correction factors applied with respect to green certificates used in the future support scheme for renewable energy sources. According to the presentation made by the Ministry services the biggest support amounting to 2.85 of the green certificate will be available for photovoltaic installations above 100 kW. The interesting thing is that the support for co-firing biomass with fossil fuels is planned to be extinguished by 2020.



Hydro above 20 MW are assigned the correction factor 2.3, and below that level - 2.0 of the green certificate. Wind offshore facilities purposely may count on 1.8 of the green certificate per 1 MW of the electricity generated, the relevant factor for onshore wind, however, is only 0.9 for 2013-14, 0.85 for 2015 with a decreasing rate 0.25 in subsequent years. The correction factors for biomass power plants will be 1.15, decreasing to 0.75, and for co-firing biomass with fossil fuels – 0.3 decreasing to 0.15.