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The report of the President of Energy Regulatory Office (URE) of July 2017 refers to some facts evidencing the progressing implementation of the REMIT Regulation in Poland.



CEREMP population


At the end of 2016 the CEREMP (Centralised European Registry of Energy Market Participants) was populated with 550 market participants established in Poland (5% of all entries).




In Poland in 2016 the PPATs (Persons Professionally Arranging Transactions) under REMIT were the following entities: TGE S.A. (Polish Power Exchange), OGP Gaz-System S.A., PSE S.A., Polish Trading Point S.A. oraz InfoEngine S.A.


PPATs play the prominent role in the REMIT framework since they are required to establish and maintain effective arrangements and procedures to identify breaches of prohibitions of insider trading and market manipulation.




In Poland in 2016 the RRMs (Registered Reporting Mechanisms) were: TGE S.A., OGP Gaz-System S.A., PSE S.A. oraz PGE Dom Maklerski S.A.


Under REMIT transactions’ and orders’ reporting takes place only with the intermediation of the RRMs registered with the ACER.


It is, moreover, mandatory for market participants to indicate the relevant RRM as part of market participant’s registration in the CEREMP.




The publication of inside information under REMIT may take place with the use of either:
- the market participant’s website or
- the RIS (Regulated Information Services).


In Poland the RIS is the Exchange Information Platform (GPI) run by the Polish Power Exchange (TGE S.A.)


It is registered with ACER according to the relevant provisions.