Law on climate change in Poland


The new draft law debated currently in the Polish Parliament proposes to exempt the micro-installation's owners from the general obligation to register for carrying out an economic activity.
The exemption will cover electricity micro-producers below 40 kW.

For these facilities the requirement to possess a licence to generate electricity will also not apply.



This proposal was relatively uncontroversial. More discussion is involved in another problem i.e. the government amendment to pay the above micro-installations for the electricity produced only 80% of the average electricity price in the previous calendar year.

The intention of this provision is to motivate the micro-installation's owners to produce the electricity for their own use, and not to inject it into the network, which, in turn, could influence the stability of the electricity system. However, some say that such differentiation between electricity producers of different capacities cause unfair discrimination of the smaller ones.



The new draft law is proceded in response to the European Commission action alleging, Poland has not appropriately implemented the European Third Energy Package into national law.