Law on climate change in Poland


Imbalance settlement period in Poland must be shortened from 1 hour to 15 minutes by 18 December 2021.


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The report of the President of Energy Regulatory Office (URE) of July 2017 refers to some facts evidencing the progressing implementation of the REMIT Regulation in Poland.


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In March 2014 the support system for cogeneration plants in Poland has been reactivated.

The support scheme re-introduces the requirement to surrender so-called 'red certificates' or to pay the substitution fee. New regulations establish the relevant percentage thresholds for each consecutive year till 2018.

Given the fact the settlement deadline has been extended till 30 June each relevant year, provisions for the above requirements are applicable till 30 June 2018.

The new support system is, when it comes to its main principles, analogous to to the previous one, with this difference, however, that eligible for settlement and for surrender are only certificates issued for electricity production in the previous year.


The new draft law debated currently in the Polish Parliament proposes to exempt the micro-installation's owners from the general obligation to register for carrying out an economic activity.
The exemption will cover electricity micro-producers below 40 kW.

For these facilities the requirement to possess a licence to generate electricity will also not apply.


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The object of the contract called: "interwencyjna rezerwa zimna" consists in making the generation units available to the transmission system operator (TSO) to balance system active power on TSO's demand.


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