Law on climate change in Poland


Polish energy efficiency scheme using co-called „white certificates” will start as from 1 January 2013. The fresh novelty for the system arrangements is the abandonment by the Polish Ministry of the Economy of the idea of introducing statutory regime regulating the status of energy efficiency auditors.






White certificates will be available for municipal communities as well as undertakings from the energy sector realising energy efficiency initiatives, provided the said entities win the competitive tender organised by the Energy Regulatory Office. The award of the tender will depend on the volume of energy efficiency savings arising from the investment in question.

The white certificates will be tradable, the trading platform for white certificates will be the Polish Energy Exchange.


Deregulatory approach


On the press conference the Polish Ministry of Economy has revealed the plans to adopt in June regulations for the detailed arrangements of the tenders in question so that the first tenders could be launched already in this year. As part of the broader “deregulatory approach” the Ministry resigned from the idea to address in statutory provisions the details of the profession of energy efficiency auditor.


In effect energy efficiency audits will be made in Poland by any persons carrying out economy activity without any further reaching legal requirements relating to the specific capabilities of the auditor, in particular special examinations by appropriate committees.