Law on climate change in Poland

The Polish legislation relating to the issues of emission trading will consist of:

1) the Law of 17 July 2009 on management of emissions of GHG and other substances (O.J. No 215 item 1664, as amended),

2) the Law of 22 December 2004 on the GHG and other substances emission allowances trading (O.J. No 281, item 2784, as amended),

3) the Law on the system of balancing and settlement of  sulphur dioxides’ (SO2) and nitrous oxides’ (NOx) emissions from a large combustion plants (this law is now in the procedure of ministerial consultations, the version of July 17 2009 of the draft of the bill is available at web pages of the Polish Ministry of Environment - ustawa o systemie bilansowania i rozliczania wielkości emisji dwutlenku siarki (SO2) i tlenków azotu (NOx) dla dużych źródeł spalania).

The Law referred to above under point 1 will be an umbrella regulation and will link together all the afore-cited laws.